Something about me:


Thats me in front of a helicoptor getting ready to shoot photos

Originally born in Rhode Island in 1979,

I always liked art, but didn't know how to turn it into more than just a hobby. Not sure what I wanted to do with my life my parents helped me try some different types of art. I took private art classes; figure drawing, still life, the basics. They also let me paint murals on the walls of my room. In high school I was still unsure what I wanted to do so I took some architecture and CAD classes, robotics and was on the path to engineering. I continued pursuing art as a hobby.

A deeper interest only came after a family friend gave me his old version of Corel Draw 3 (on floppy disk). This let me combine my interest in computers with art.

My grandmother helped with my computer interest by buying me an IBM PS/2 in the early 90's. I experimented with that until my senior year in high school when I was recruited to work on the yearbook. It was here; on the yearbook staff that I realized this is what I really wanted to do. With none of my electives for graduation completed, my senior year was filled with art classes; Journalism, Ceramics, Drawing & Photography, and general goofing off.

After high school I spent an entire semester at Rhode Island College (with only one art class) and realized I didn't want to waste my time or money taking classes that had nothing to do with what I wanted to do with my life. After leaving Rhode Island College I went to New England Tech, this was a better fit for me with a focus on the skills I needed to do what I wanted to do. While there I worked at a local etching and findings (that’s stamping on metal, and using acid to cut through metal) where I learned even more about camera ready art and producing work in a production environment.

After school I went onto work for my uncle who owned a pool construction company, in Wilmington, NC this helped me with my real world math and large-scale application, working a project from a conversation with a client, to a sketch, submitting engineering drawings to the completion of the project. After Wilmington, NC I moved to NY (New Hyde Park, Long Island) in October 2001 less than a month after the attacks on the World Trade Center.

In NY I did Information Technology (IT) for a Westbury based company, specializing in IT for companies not large enough to require in-house IT. After a few years in NY I got tired of the snow and decided to move back to NC. With no real plan I took a short break from structured work and focused primarily on freelance. I quickly got connected with a local graphics and paint company (Xtreme Graphics) whose primary client (Fountain Powerboats) who would eventually buy Xtreme in 2007.

I continued to develop my skills as I survived changes in management and company ownership at Fountain Powerboats and its eventual part of the Powerboat Headquarters Group; Fountain, Donzi, Proline & Baja. and letter still became Iconic Marine Group.
I like to think of each project as its own piece, able to stand on its own. It's sometimes hard to look back on past projects and see things that could have been better.

I think that most designers or artists may feel similar, and I think that critical eye is important to continue to learn and grow from projects and peers. I'm always striving to improve, be better than the last project and trying to learn something new with each challenge. I also like showing my peers new tricks and techniques that I have picked up along the way.

Hopefully this brief history gives you some insight into who I am.